Our Favorite Holiday Cards for 2018

It’s that time of year! Family gatherings, mini sessions, and my favorite holiday preparation...holiday cards. Call me old school but I love getting and writing mail. There is something so fun about receiving mail that isn’t a bill. One thing I look forward to every year is sending out holiday cards each year. I do them personally for my family as well as for SJE. It’s a great way to let people know how you have been doing and send them a little extra in the mail that says you are thinking of them. Last year, I even matched the color of the address to the wax seal and stamp on each card...call it extra, I call it customized.

If you like holiday cards you know you need to start early and have to find the right one. My favorite place to get cards each year is Minted.com. Have you ever used them? They have a great curated collection from real designers across the country. To me that is a win-win. I get the support of a big printing house, but the modern designs of small business designers. I love that each design has so many options from different greetings such has Merry Christmas, or Happy New Year, and multiple back designs to pick from and colors to get it just right. New this year they launched recipient addressing so you don't have to worry about figuring out a mail merge and printing labels. Perfect right? They have a variety or designs, usually one that matches your card design perfectly, and you can do it all in the process of ordering your cards. You should check them out.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite designs for this season. One tip before we get to my favorite cards...I highly recommend ordering stamps at USPS.com. For a super minimal shipping fee, you can have a better selection then at your local store, save yourself a trip to the store and even match them a bit to your design. I added a list at the end of some of the ones I love this season.

For an extra special discount code, shoot us an email at info@samanthajoyevents.com for 25% off your order. This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase, we may get something in return at no cost to you. It is one small way we keep this blog going. Thanks.


Is clean and to the point your style? What I love about these is how graphic the black script looks and the balance that the image has with each of the font choices.


A little story about this one. Years ago when I started sending out my own holiday cards I decided that every year my cards would be joy themed. At first some people didn’t see the connection and then it made sense. My middle name is Joy and my birthday is December 20th so it seemed fitting. It makes card selection each year a bit easier


Do you look forward to the holidays each year and the day after Thanksgiving you start to decorate? These classic festive designs are right up your alley.


Enough said? These are so fun and graphic. I love how bold these are. If you family is cheerful and full of joy these will be perfect for you.


Every year Minted does a card design contest that the public can vote on. This year’s number 1 card designer winner is from Slovenia. She create the card on the left, full of watercolor like greenery and bold font in red. These both have a fun botanical motif on them to bring a little nature to your cards.




Did you get married this year? Want to share a few pictures with everyone, while you write your thank you notes? Consider a newlywed themed card. Even slip in a few 4x6 pictures from your photographer in each card to send out as a bit of thank you card. Your guests are sure to love it and likely cherish it for years to come.


I promised didn’t I? I’m a sucker for fun stamps, and why not order stamps at the same time as you order cards. It all comes in the mail and you save yourself that trip to the post office, where you know they won’t have enough of the style you want anyways. Don’t risk it, just order.