Gift Guide for Him


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It’s time for him to leave the college duffel bag behind and get something with a bit more style and function. A quality bag is hard to come by and no one wants to be replacing them ever year from too much wear. The Clark and Taft Weekender Waxed Canvas bag is made for the wear and use. It almost tells its own story and the waxed canvas is used it softens but doesn’t break down. The extra pockets and compartments help to keep the essentials were you wan them and easy to access on your weekend away. $425.

Better Sweater from Patagonia

This is the most versatile sweater that everyone can use. It's perfect on its own and to dress up. The Patagonia Better Sweater has a 100% garment guarantee and made from polyester fleece. It is Fair Trade Certified. Plus its comes it rich seasonal colors and multiple styles such as a vest, zip up sweater, ¼ zip up, pull over and jacket hoody. I live in mine and my whole family has one. We love them. They start at $99 and go up based on style.


Enjoy the night together and take a look at the stars. the Celetron NexStar Telescope is light weight and easy to travel with. A telescope is a classic gift that keeps on giving and can be fun for the whole family. The built-in SkyAlign features will help you get it all set up in minutes to pinpoint accuracy so you can easily track and locate the stars. $999.

For the Craft Beer Lover

This all leather craft beer carrier is a neat idea for someone who lives in the city or is always trading their current stash of craft beer with their buddies, like my husband. It easily clips on a bike for those that live in the city or close enough to their friends who don’t need to drive. $64.95.


This even takes me back to when I was a kid. Sitting around the tv with my sibling fighting, I mean nicely taking turns to play. We even had the duck shooting game which I thought was hilarious. But nothing beat the classic rounds of Mario. The Super Nintendo NES is sure to surprise any classic gamer and it comes with a few games to start with. Did anyone else ever blow on it to make the games work? I later learned the moisture is bad for it. $149.

For the Techie

The Ricoh Theta Camera fits in your hand for both video and still images. It has a 360 degree camera that can instantly capture everything around you. You can easily view the images on your phone and share your creation with the world direct from your smart phone. You can crop, edit and add music to your video and make them viewable on commercial VR devices for the ultimate virtual reality experience. $179.95

For the environmentalist

A unique bag for your brother or guy friend who has an eye for different pieces and cares about the environment. Get him one of these Rareform duffel bag or laptop case.  For Rareform it started with a trip to South America where two brothers saw how old billboards were being used for roofing. It sparked an idea to create a bag company where they could reuse the material. From their they built Rareform. High quality bags and accessories that resuse the incredibly durable billboard vinyl. $64

For the Jokester

I couldn’t pass this one up because I think it is the perfect something for the ultimate fan and that special guy who is willing to go that extra step for a good laugh. The Shinesty Holiday Suit and NFL Blazer. Maybe the it’s perfect for the holiday party or the upscale Sunday night watch party. Either way these are sure to bring some laughs. There are matching outfits for women as well and other pro teams like the NBA as well to pick from. $99

What do you think? Let me know what you thought of these.