Gift Guide For ALL


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For the ICE cream Lover

I’m going to start with the best one on this list. There’s no lying that I love ice cream especially quality ice cream with unique flavors. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream based out of Columbus, Ohio, is one of my favorites. May I suggest the Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks, the Darkest Chocolate or the Brambleberry Crisp, so good! I’m actually eating the Peanut Butter one right now. Back to the point, she makes gifting ice cream super easy with small collections for 4-5 pints or you can make your own. They come perfectly packed in an orange box and stay cold until you get home. It was one of my favorite gifts that I got from a client this year (love you Joe and Ashley). $48

For the Cook

Rare Bird Preserve, a Chicago based company, makes the most amazing jams and curd I’ve ever had. I first found them at the Chicago One of a Kind Show that I go to every year. They use blend of both French and British preserving techniques to harness the flavors of summer in unique combination. They are perfect blended in with yogurt, crackers, toast and to any holiday spread. $12

For the Historian

Ever wonder what has happened on your birthday each year? Commemorate any birthday with New York Times Custom Birthday book. As either a leather or linen cover options this 12” x 15” coffee table starts with the day you were born and is followed by every birthday in your life. Celebrate the headlines of your life with the hardbound book containing the front page of the newspaper for every year. This will be a unique and lasting treasure. You can also visit the New Your Times Shop for more options. $99.95

For the Traveler

The new Away Travel Carry-On have been everywhere recently and for good reason. They are an affordable quality carry-on. They come with a 100 day trial to test them out, a lifetime guarantee and an optional ejectable battery to charge your devices on the go. Get and extra $20 off any suitcase or personal item with code 12G1118 at I’ve got one on my list. $245.


I stumbled upon these guys the other day while looking for some plants but love that they make plants so easy. The Sill has plants that come in both potted and unpotted options and straight to your door. If your nervous about a plant hey have online workshops that help and simple guides for beginners and pet friendly options, which is huge for me. The last house plant we had Milo destroyed and we later found out is wasn’t pet friendly and nearly had a heart attack! I’m planning to get a few when I move into my new office in January. Plants just add a little something extra to space. $5


Grab a few tickets, maybe event a flight and take them to the Color Factory. The interactive pop-up exhibit fist start in San Francisco for what was supposed to be 1 month but instead lasted for 8 months. It is a celebration of color that gets you engaged in your own curiosity, to discover and play with color. It is a collaborative exhibit with a collection of artists, designers, creative and makers who’ve come together to create one of kind interactive installations. No idea how long it will last or when it will be back. Grab tickets and make a weekend of discovering. $38

FOr the Family

Grab a Table Topics box for a 135 conversation starters for your next party. With 9 topics from Teen, to Family and Couples they will get your guest and family to put down their phones and start chatting. Packed with a array of questions to get to know your friends and family. Use as a late night game or an ice breaker at your next cocktail party.