5 Things You Should Pack for Your Honeymoon

The vows have been said, the cake cut, and you have celebrated into the night with your friends and family. What happens next? Hopefully you are hitting the road in route to your honeymoon and some much needed R&R with your new spouse!

A honeymoon is all about relaxing and reconnecting. As your wedding day approaches there are inevitably a million things to do and people to attend to. So having some quiet time to reflect on your favorite parts of your day, dream about the future, and rest with your new spouse is much needed! Even if you can’t take a big trip right immediately, consider a mini-moon. Even a short weekend away can do wonders.

So what should you pack for your time away?  Below are some of our favorite ideas. Whether you are heading to the beach or a cabin in the woods, considering throwing these items in your suitcase. You will be glad you did!

1. The Right Bag. Choosing the right bag is essential! In addition to your luggage, we recommend packing a tote. Totes are super versatile. They can easily serve as an airline carry-on and then be repurposed as a beach bag, used for souvenir shopping, etc. once you arrive at your destination. 

2. The Little Black Dress. The staple for every travel situation. Throw something in that could be easily dressed up for a nice dinner out or down for something more casual. You can also save space in suitcase knowing a simple change in accessories makes it a completely new look. You have a couple of days covered with one item! Here are a couple of our favorites. 

If you are looking for an alternative to the LBD, try a jumpsuit. Super comfy and just as easy to dress up or down. Love this trend.

3. A Cute and Comfy PJ Set. We are going to assume you thought about and have that wedding night lingerie taken care of, but make sure you throw in something cute for the rest of the trip. Think beyond your old t-shirt and invest in something cute, fun, and comfortable that you can wear when you get back home too.

4. Layers. Packing light layers is an ideal method for any honeymoon destination you have in mind. That way you can adjust your outfits based on changes in temperatures and be prepared for just about anything. Think simple base layers and then light sweaters and jackets that compliment those things. Again, different accessories can change the looks day to day.

These are some of our favorites: 

And then layer with a great sweater or jacket. 

5. Sunscreen. Your mom was right, it is important! Whether you are going to the beach or the mountains having a great sunscreen is essential. There is nothing worse than getting burned early in a trip and hiding from the sun the rest of the time! Plus it is typically more expensive to buy sunscreen in tourist heavy areas (hello gift shop mark up), so come prepared!

BONUS! If you are headed to the beach throw in a great hat as well. It is another way to protect your skin from the sun and is a cute accessory!  

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