Modern Valentine’s Dinner Party


Another Valentine’s Day is upon us and the commercials for red roses and chocolates are filling your feed and commercial breaks. Valentine’s Day can often feel so juvenile with the explosion of pink and love hearts everywhere and on everything. I love love and how it can transform two individual people into a unit or partnership that can work through any obstacle or heartache. It is great idea to celebrate it and to remind that special someone, life partner, spouse, or just your best friend, how much they mean to you. Well it’s about time we modernize and make Valentine’s day a bit more sophisticated. I’m not the girl who love pinks. In fact many pinks I don’t like. If your familiar with my work you will see I love blues and grays, but one thing I like doing with all of my work is using a variety of textures. Pinks can be overwhelming and overly girly, I used pinks very intentionally and sparingly.

I was really draw to how a simple black element like a plate or candle makes all of the other colors more noticeable. You can appreciate the different shades and tones of pinks, reds, and greens more as individual pieces then if everything was pink. With this tablescape design we balanced feminine elements like the dainty pink and gold rimed glasses with more masculine pieces such as the black plate. Overall the table feels clean and open. The large centerpiece from Sherwood Florist give it a focal point but it is still balanced by the smaller accent vessels and the black candles. The soft gray velvet tablecloth gives a luxurious feel and the light reflects off it to show the texture.

You can easily get this look at home for your Valentine’s dinner or Galintine’s party with your girlfriends. I left you a short list of some of my favorite pieces to consider for yourself.

Silverware - Izon Set, Arkita Collection, and Modern Slim Silverware

Plates - Visto Stoneware, Mercer Plates, and Hearth & Hand Plates

Glasses - Vintage Goblet, Gilded Rim Wine Glass, Waterfall Flute, and Disposable Champagne Coupe

Napkins - Hemstitched Napkins, Makoba Napkins in Peach, and Fringe Napkins in Salmon

Chargers - Scalloped Pink and Gold, Disposable Vintage Set, Matte Wave Stoneware, and Gold Lotus Charger

sherwood-florist-dayton-wedding-planner-pink wedding-event-designer-hotel21c.jpg
sherwood-florist-valentine's-cincinnati wedding-planner-dayton.jpg
valentine's day-entertaining-event-designer-cincinnati.jpg

Event Planner & Designer: Samantha Joy Events | Photographer: Jenny Haas Photography | Floral Designer: Sherwood Florist | Linens: BBJ Linen | Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes | Studio: Lost & Found Studio