An Event Designers Bucket List of Venues

Photographer: Loft 310

Photographer: Loft 310

Each year I reflect back on where Samantha Joy Events has come and where we hope to go in the future. I think a lot about the venues we have worked with and what inspires us about them. I have always been draw to architecture and buildings that have a past. Walking into a place and imagining how many people have walked through the same doors, sparks my imagination. There is a story from each venue that is still waiting to be told. Have you ever seen the movie “Women in Gold”? It is a lot like that. What is now a shop or museum used to be someone’s home or place of worship.

Part of looking back for me is to grow and make plans for my business in the future. I start by setting new goals and one of those is a list of venues I am deeply inspired by and would love to create a beautiful wedding, or birthday party at. I believe in manifesting my destiny and putting out into the world what I want in hopes that it will find me. I’ve compiled a list of a few (the list is much bigger) venues that are unique and inspiring, and I would joyfully travel to plan an event at these venues. Beyond my wish list these can also serve as great inspiration when planning your own wedding, birthday or anniversary party, or any other celebration.

And if you’re just hear for the pretty things, these are fun places to travel to as well.

Villa Terrace (Milwaukee, WI) -

This checks a lot of boxes, large gardens, lake front view, private courtyard, set in an urban landscape. This Mediterranean country home is perfect little slice of Europe tucked into the Midwest. It is a little over an hour from Chicago making it an accessible location to most of the Midwest.

Speed Art Museum (Louisville, KY) -

Just under 2 hours from Cincinnati, this museum is a great location for any wedding, gala, or corporate event that is looking for a place they can transform with a modern aesthetic. It has two great rooms, a stunning modern grand staircase and floor to ceiling windows that flood the space with natural light.

Loft 310 (Kalamazoo, MI) -

I found this venue last year searching for a client looking for a Michigan wedding, we ended up going a different direction but I’m drawn to the wide open modern industrial space. It is incredibly versatile, and they have many spaces near by that can be used for the ceremony or cocktails. I’ve always had a soft spot for Michigan have spent time in the summer there growing up. The commercials are totally accurate it is “Pure Michigan.”

George Peabody Library (Baltimore, MD) -

This is the most stunning library I have ever seen. What a better place write the next chapter in your story together then in a library. The George Peabody Library has a 61-foot latticed sky-light above the black and white marble floors. It was once described as a “cathedral of books” and we can see why.

Biltmore Estate (Asheville, NC) -

The very popular and well-known property, Biltmore Estate, is considered America’s largest home, with over 250 rooms inside the castle. Built by George Vanderbilt, this historic castle sits on 8,000 acres. With over 9 spaces to have a wedding reception there is plenty to offer. From the Cedric’s Garden, the Inn, Conservatory, or Champagne Cellar there is a unique space for everyone. How special would it be to get married at the estate of one of the men who built America?