Bridesmaids Gifts Review

Thinking of how to ask your bridesmaids? Or what to give them as a thank you gift? We got the chance to sample some recent gift items for your bridesmaids. We tested both the quilted makeup bag and the stemless wine cup. I think they are both really great options but what we loved was the makeup bag. It was so soft, I mean really soft and the quilting details was so nice with the tassel zipper. You can get it monogrammed in over 15 thread colors with your bridesmaids name. If you are getting it monogrammed, I recommend not using anyone’s last name. Why? Well if any of your bridesmaids aren’t married, they might change their name when they do get married in the future. Then, the bag would no longer have their monogram on it. I think it is best to stick with the first name or initial. Not only was it soft but it deceptively held a lot more than you think it can. We tested it in the office for a few weeks as a pen and pencil case and to hold supplies for styling at shoots. It held up really well, carried a lot, and didn’t get dirty. When packing our bags for a shoot, the makeup bag held its shape but wasn’t stiff and was easy to squeeze into the extra bag space. Every women needs a new makeup bag, whether for when they travel or to keep in their purse. What I liked about it was how functional this would be as a gift. Imagine getting this at rehearsal dinner or the morning of your best friend’s wedding, you can instantly throw all of your things in it and put it to use right away!

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bridesmaids gift makeup bag
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Another popular choice for a bridesmaids gift is a cup, glass, or water bottle. These personalized stemless wine glass bridesmaids gift make a great choice with the travel lid and the vacuum insulated technology that keeps any drink cold for up to 9 hours. I’m always a bit skeptical about these glasses but was instantly surprised when my ice didn’t melt for the whole day I was in the office. I like that the stemless wine glass fits right in your hand and would fit in your bag really easily versus a larger water bottle. For me it has a lot more use then a champagne flute with my name on it. It is great for the getting ready photo opps and your bridesmaid could bring this to the beach for the summer or to her office for coffee or tea. An individual flute doesn’t have much use by itself and most go to waste. The one thing I wasn’t fond of was that the name was vinyl which meant it had to be hand washed. I wish it was etched into the glasses to have it last longer, but I guess on the upside you could peel it off if you weren’t a huge fan of having your name on things. You can order it in 5 colors, so there is bound to be a color for your bridesmaids. You could easily jazz this up and make a whole gift out of it with some cocktail mix, a nice wine bottle, and maybe a tea towel or travel bottle opener.

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