Behind the Design | Warm Autumn Tablescape Design


In our Behind the Design series, we take you behind some of our favorite event designs. We will talk about all the elements we consider when pulling together a design and give you tips and tricks on how we created the look. This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase, we may get something in return at no cost to you. It is one small way we keep this blog going. Thanks.

This rich fall colors shoot all started with an abstract painting. A design often starts with a point of inspiration, something that pulls on an emotion. When I create event designs I like to consider the senses and how each element will translate to the viewer or guest. For this painting I was drawn to the delicate, loose brush strokes and how they managed to work together to create a striking image of a women (pictured below in the upper left). I loved how warm and rich the color tones were. They didn't go too dark yet maintained a sense of lightness. They seemed to capture the look and feel of fall. I instantly took this a my jumping off point. I wanted to take the painting and and use it as an inspiration for a beautiful fall inspired shoot.  

Once I have my inspiration, my next step is to is pull other images that evoke that same feel. My approach to design is all about the senses. Guests don’t just see a design, they touch it, smell it, and hear it.  I always consider if each element I choose creates an emotion or evokes the sense I want my guests to experience. Pulling images helps to create a mood board to look back to throughout the process and guide my vision.

Orange-purple-inspiration-samantha-joy-events (1).png

I wanted the design to feel natural, warm, and comfortable. Like you were to cozy around a table late at night with friends. Once I have nailed down my inspiration, then I jump right into to sourcing. I start by seeing what pieces I have access to and then balance the look with each item selected.

Once I had a better idea of what I had and what I might need, I touched base with the other business working on the shoot. For design shoots, several business get together and create concepts and share ideas. It is a way for us to create and collaborate freely with each other. We chatted about the direction for each of their parts from florals to shooting to printed goods. When you are working with a lot of vendors, I find it can be very helpful is to keep a file or pictures of items you’re having at an event so you can see how they will all look together. Include images of the venue, chairs, plates etc. I even keep color and fabric swatches in a file to quickly reference the right shades. That way you ensure that everyone is on the same page. When you meet with a florist they have a visual of the space. When you are talking invitations, you have a reminder of your color scheme. There are a lot of moving pieces in any design, and you want to ensure that everything works together cohesively.

As for the design, I had been drawn to the richness of velvet and found this perfect Turmeric Velvet. I opted to balance the luxury brought from the gold charger and silverware with the wood x-back chairs. I think they bring a more natural feel to the design. Plume Calligraphy created menus and place cards from handmade paper combined with her calligraphy brought a lightness to the table with a subtle texture. But not all went to plan...I chatted with Evelyn from Eve Floral Co. and we devised a plan for the tabletop arrangements, everything was set until I got a call that the flowers were stuck in transport dues to a big storm in Texas and she was going to plan B. I will never know what the original would have looked like, but I do love the funkyness that her arrangements brought. I personally love a lot of texture in my arrangements as I think they create a point of conversation for guests. Her plan B arrangements matched really well, it was so worth working with a trusted professional.

Overall, the design is still warm and inviting. It definitely gives you a strong fall feeling but the colors really create an emotion reaction.